Ju-Par Universal Orchestra- "Time"

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The Ju-Par imprint only lasted for a meager few full lengths and an assortment of 7" singles. It was distributed by Motown from its inception until the late seventies, when the label ceased to exist. Its homebase was 13801 W 8 Mile Rd. For local readers of BAF who want to get a sense of location, that's right around the 8 and Schafer area, on the east side of the Lodge. Rumors also have circulated from local record collectors for years that Ju-Par was funded by the small but vibrant mafia community that was active in Detroit during the time.

Featuring the stellar guitar playing of Phil Upchurch and some seriously sick ivory playing by producer/arranger Dick Boyell, Ju-Par Universal Orchestra's first and only release was an exercise in jazz/funk/soul that compliments many of the film scores from blaxplotation films being released en masse during this time. It has also in recent years become much in demand with record collectors.

"Time" is track 03 of Detroit 1976-1984. It was released on Ju-Par's Moods And Grooves LP in 1976. Download it and then purchase it.