Al Green - "Your Love Is Like The Morning Sun"

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I wrote about this great obscure Al Green album track today; here's another, to which I alluded but failed to provide the space. "Your Love Is Like The Morning Sun" may be the quiestest song Green ever recorded. His voice a horny murmur still a-quiver after a night of revelatory coitus, Green forces Al Jackson to eschew the heavy bottom for which he was deservedly famous in favor of steady rim tapping, counting the minutes until Al's revved up all over again. "...Morning Sun" has the sound and feel of a hymn, a lubricious update of the St. Francis serenity prayer; the celestial becomes the carnal, signified by Green's taking the line "No one can take your place" down the scales, one note at a time, from the empyrean to the bedroom. One of my all-time favorite moments of self-referentiality occurs in the last forty seconds: Green stringing together the titles of "Tired of Being Alone," "I'm Still in Love With You," and "Let's Stay Together." Needless to say, it's more moving than Sting's similar attempts in the early nineties.