RJ's Latest Arrival - "Body Snatcher"

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Guess how many singles this Detroit/Southfield group placed on the R&B chart? If you're thinking one -- specifically "Shackles," a fairly well-known spring/summer 1984 hit that's something like a Whodini/Cameo mutant on a relatively tight budget -- you'd be off by sixteen. Led by RJ "The Wiz" Rice, RJ's Latest Arrival was around for well over a decade. They were on a different label with every other release until settling with EMI in the mid '80s, and they seemed to switch up featured vocalists and/or equipment frequently enough to keep people guessing. "Body Snatcher," their fourth single, is swift grade-A boogie. Its best part is either the transition from the intro or the extended breakdown. Freaks should've covered it on The Man Who Lived Underground.

The track was mixed by the late Duane "In the Mix" Bradley, an extremely well-regarded DJ, one-third of the Detroit Wasmopolitan Mixing Squad, and a familiar name if you own lots of Inner City singles. He was as crucial to Detroit as anyone else involved in the '70s and '80s, the Electrifying Mojo included. More from him and his Wasmopolitan partners later. Rice did some outside work with the Bar-Kays and Taja Savelle; with Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes, he remixed Pet Shop Boys' "Where the Streets Have No Name." Most importantly, he runs a studio and label. If someone were to write a book on Detroit hip-hop, a whole chapter would have to be devoted to his efforts.

"Body Snatcher" is track 01 of Detroit 1976-1984. It was released on a Sutra 12" in 1981. Download it and then purchase it.