Harvey Mason - "Spell"

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It is doubtful this will be the hottest thing you encounter during our suspect Detroit '76-'84 survey, but if you have a sweet spot for sub-EWF MOR R&B from the early '80s (100% guilty here), you ought to find a copy of Harvey Mason's MVP. Session demon Mason is not from Detroit (he's from Atlantic City, to be precise), but Deon Estus -- who is featured throughout the album and happens to be responsible for many of the via-search hits we get -- is from the city. He's present on bass and vocals throughout MVP, and "Spell" is one of the songs he had a hand in writing. As far as mellow twilight numbers made for slowly rocking back and forth go, it's real nice. We'll talk about Estus again when we reach Brainstorm. (We will stop short of Wham!)

"Spell" is track 02 of Detroit 1976-1984. It was released on an Arista LP in 1981 (or maybe it was 1980). Download it and then purchase it.