Escort - "Starlight"

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New York's Escort is a seven-member coed group of at least three races. "Starlight" is their first single, a loose and steamy neo-Prelude/Salsoul nugget that was released recently on their own label. Dan Balis, who is on Metro Area 6, is the only name in the lineup I recognize, but that's enough of an indicator as to what Escort are about: straight-up boogie. (I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the rest of the players have been around for years. They're very good.) They've got the organic-synthetic midtempo thing down, with flute, strings, keyboards, and percussion all falling into place above the basic components without hitting overload. There can never be enough stuff like this, and yes, it's refined and chic and t*st*f*l. If I were still in retail, I'd affix a card to its sleeve and write "Skyy2k6" on it. The track ends up somewhere between "First Time Around" and "Here's to You."