Lionel Richie and Diana Ross - "Endless Love"

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Yes, it's overdone a bit. Yes, it's (unfairly) become a punchline. Yes, Luther and Mariah's ill-advised cover was even worse then anticipated. But how is it that for all these years - and it's been 25 since this was a #1 single - I've missed how simply pretty this is? Richie wrote the song with a deft, light touch (it's not nearly as florid nor overblown as I've always thought I remembered), and Miss Ross sings it with more care than you think (thank God she's never been much one for melisma) (Richie, of course, sings it the only way he knows how - sturdily, which is a compliment). This is by no means a great single, but it's not a complete stinker, either. Maybe a B/B-?