Bugz in the Attic - "Consequences"

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Number two on the neo-boogie '06 chart, just below Escort's "Starlight," is "Consequences." Buried in the second half of the new Bugz in the Attic album, it's a little less obvious about where it sits and could've been dreamt up by Norman Jay. There are slight flashes of Evelyn King, D-Train, Skipworth & Turner, Teena Marie, Aurra, first-album Dayton, and about a dozen more tenuous things. Then again, it leans toward latter-day boogie ('84-'85). Not quite sure what to make of the album yet -- I had given up on the thing happening and figured the ship passed around late '04. How could a group of seven producers/instrumentalists (plus collaborators) come up with more than the occasional 12" without wanting to beat the mizells out of each other? (Even the DKD album, involving two Bugz and one Dego, gets messy at points.) Most of it sounds good, if a little too unpredictable, on the first couple listens. If you know their past, or at least where they've come from, its makeup probably won't surprise you much -- chunky rhythms for octopedes, laserbeam synthesizers, playfully sneering Eighties Ladies-meet-Brides of Funkenstein vocal arrangements. The thing that surprises me most is a cover of Yarbrough & Peoples' "Don't Stop the Music," which did win me over after some initial skepticism.