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Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino in 1994, and very influential on - well, me. I actually wrote a rather extensive analytical paper regarding representations of women and womanhood in videos for a college course*, using this clip, Neneh Cherry's "Buddy X" (also by Mondino) and Madonna's oeuvre as starting points. I'm sure it's got its share of flawed logic, but I nonetheless wish I still had it. (By the way, this is taken from Ndegéocello's very own YouTube channel, in case you dig her kind of thing.) (And you should, especially considering you're here.)

I recall I wrote a quasi-companion paper re: male images, which among other videos spotlighted PSB's "Go West" and Shaq's "I'm Outstanding."**

*The course was one I created along with a professor, in which I, er, analyzed and wrote about music videos.

**No, really. See? "When I freak the funk on the dunk they 'Ahhh, oooh.'"