Sa-Ra - "Nasty You"

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Apparently from the album due to be issued on Kanye's G.O.O.D. label, "Nasty You" has the snaking machine strut of Vanity 6's "Nasty Girl," the uninhibited spunk-funk of Digital Underground's "Kiss You Back," and the mischievous co-ed teasing of both. (In short: you're a freak, and I'm a freak, so let's freak. No big surprise.) It's more space-age strip club music, "crack on acid" (their words) style, which is what they do most effectively. (Their pair of Roy Ayers/Andy Bey/Cameo/zippers-zipped-up-type tracks on the Dwight Trible album -- especially the one with Brother J from X-Clan [!] -- are not to be missed, though.) What I want out of this album: 40 minutes of modern day Dirty Mind, no minutes of forced eclecticism, no guests (apart from some female vocals). What I'll likely get: 20 minutes of modern day Dirty Mind, 20 minutes of satisfactory-to-good hip-hop, 10 minutes of untethered cosmic otherness (i.e., interludes), 10 minutes of silence before an unlisted "Glorious," and at least three guest MCs. I'll take it.